Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seven Months!

I can't believe he is seven months old already... time flies for sure. This is one of his favorite toys - the Kong Wubba. It's a great outdoor toy. You can fling it pretty far.


tervnmal said...

He is so dang cute. And always perfectly groomed. Seriously, can I send Jamie to live with you for a week? No clippers required, just endless brushing.

Got Syzygy said...

Mad wants to come too!!! Although Meme DID brush her out at DSM!!! I can't believe he's that old either!! How does that happen????

Anonymous said...

Yep - Soph and Ryelee will be on your door step some day. He's one handsome boy and thsse are some great pics. 7 months???? Wow.