Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Home!

I got home from the Peoria trial yesterday and Brian and I decided to head up to the house to take the rosin paper up from the floors and pick up the mail. Imagine my surprise when I found this at the back door!! It's a genuine Rilda Sue petunia in a Michele pot!! Thanks ladies!!! It is so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

Just throw it down anywhere and it will grow. Cement, grass, pea gravel, you name it. Very low maintenance. You are so very welcome!

Got Syzygy said...

IT'S TRUE!! You can't get RID of them!! That was very thoughtful Rilda. It's looks great!! Just goes to show you's true!! They do grow anywhere!! LOL

tervnmal said...

Sure is purdy! How generous of Rilda to share. We know how much she LOVES her petunias.