Friday, March 20, 2009

Robin Coursing Video

Robin has not lure coursed in quite a while - 2005 was his last year - the year he finished his Field Championship. He was almost eight years old and I thought that was plenty old enough to be coursing. He was very fortunate during his career to never be seriously injured. He has a small scar in the corner of his right eye from lure coursing, but that's it.
Anyhoo... I was going through some old videos - getting them named and organized and came across some fun videos of Robin that I thought you all might enjoy...
This first one is Robin going to the start line. For those of you that know him from agility and what an "Eeyore" he can be sometimes, well - this is his other side. Turn up the volume - that is him you hear squealing to get to the line. I wish he would show this enthusiasm for agility!!

And this is Robin coursing - he's the one in pink (yes... real men wear pink!!)

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Smooth Sailin Agility said...

That is AWESOME!!! He looks GREAT in Pink!! G